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How to Torpedo Your Business

Torpedoes or stealth missiles are things that destroy a small business and entrepreneurship, and they show up in your business in many ways. From my experience the Number One Torpedo is “Shinny Object Syndrome” I just came back from a well organized business networking event and the first thing I noticed was that that many of the participants I ran into had a new list of 3 – 5 things to work after the event. This work was ranging from a new customer service improvement program, a new cost saving/productivity tool to a new social media focus. We all...

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Trade Show – Having Fun

Every time I participate in a trade show or exhibition I get butterflies, but I always reflect back on my first one (as an entrepreneur after I left BMO) and the success I had meeting people, getting to know my potential clients and their business needs. Most of all I remember my first client (J.C.). It was at that point that I realized I was in this coaching business for good and that I was going to be successful. It was at a Jennifer Beale event. I made many rookie mistakes that day but my enthusiasm worked well for...

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Entrepreneur Mentorship & Investment Resources

I was invited to attend The Golden Triangle Angelnet meeting of investors in Kitchener Waterloo a few months ago, and the experience left me with some information I want to share with you.  I was totally blown away with the level of sophistication and organization these folks have established in the area… all of which is designed to support innovation and entrepreneurship. Building on the strength of the local business community and in collaboration with the 5 post secondary educational intuitions, these folks mentor, coach and finance entrepreneurial innovation start-ups companies with an idea of product and/or service. This...

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What does Meditation have to do with Business Coaching and Decision Making? To answer that question I am re-posting a blog (with permission) from Ha Solutions who answers that question better than I could. Any client of mine will tell you that I am often stating best the practices of meeting the demands of your business will include health exercise, diet and meditation for the greatness of all your talents to be available more consistently. Read Elizabeth’s blog below for her great perspective on the top 5 ways to improve decision making. Making the Right Decisions: Top 5 Ways...

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Why I went from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

I was at a retirement gathering for a friend of mine and an Executive was there as the guest speaker talking about my buddies 38 years of service at BMO Financial Group. He talked about my buddy’s great work ethic and the deep knowledge that was irreplaceable for the bank.  He backed the talk up with specific stories that supported up how valuable that knowledge was to the organization. On one hand, I was impressed that the executive cared enough to do the work to get to that level of personal detail and bring the human side to the...

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