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First and foremost we are about results and we promise a return on investment. Our Business Coaching Services will bring a new thinking and a new way of operating your business. We bring leadership skills to you that shift the business culture and to impact productivity, nurture change,  expand employee engagement/fulfillment and ultimately enrich client satisfaction.
  • Executive Coaching is designed for high potential executives (including those who may currently be struggling with all the challenges), to identify and develop your key leverage points to personal effectiveness.
  • Group Coaching is an effective method to align your senior management team, and/or the operational, project, sales and marketing folks to fulfill on the potential the business has to offer.
  • Implementing your Business Strategy will focus on having the change stick and delivering on the ROI. It addresses questions like, how do I measure my business culture, how do I nudge the culture forward, where can I find the quick wins and start gaining momentum.
Business Coaching Tools can help you to accelerate the process of developing your leadership competencies specifically in the area of self awareness. These tools include:
  • Personality Profile: Helps to uncover strengths and weaknesses, communication and thinking style, and how you operate under stress. This is an excellent tool for staffing a business/project team and helps to ensure all the business needs are covered with the right people skills.
  • 360 Degree Leadership Assessment: Helps to uncover the impact you have on other people and identify your strengths and development areas. This is not a performance tool but a skill and competency development tool and it is often a great way to jump start your personal development.
Our Business Coaching Services will bring new thinking to the table and the promise of designing a competitive advantage for you, the business owner.
  • Bringing Innovation Your Business Model you will describe all the key elements of your business model and distinguish yourself in the market. You will create a strategy  that positions your business as distinct from the competition with a creative and challenging road map. This program will trigger new creativity and with you and your team.
We promise to deliver the specific outcomes you are committed to. We partner with you to deliver on the business outcomes and deliver the ROI to the business. Our business coaching services are provided in the Toronto area. Please complete the form on the right or call me now to book a free consultation.

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