Testimonial for Magic Mike:

Mike Bradford is a born leader. His brilliant guidance allowed us to transform our business from an early “hobby” stage into a strong, successful corporation. His primary focus remained on the quality of the relationship between the three executives and our core values.  We began to recognize and utilise our capabilities in order to reach exponantial business growth and strengthen our personal development. We are grateful for his leadership, open-mind, and his unwavering ability to listen.
Thank you, Mike.

Elizabeth, HA Solutions

Selected Industry and Clients Assignments

Executive Coaching assignment for the COO of a Toronto Hospital

Franchise owner in retail optical store (Kanda Optical)

Franchise owner elder care services

Maintenance and facility services  (Avandra Facility Services)

Real Estate including mortgage agents, investors and property managers

Ability Health Care Inc.

Schure Sports

Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Hospital

Project Management Institute of Ontario (SOC)

Small Business Start Ups including Ha Solutions and Redex

Direct Marketing Industry including ACN, Primerica and Send Out Cards

Financial Services including BMO, Harris Bank