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Business Coach Toronto was founded to provide its clients with the ability to translate training into measurable results. We establish a partnership with our client that goes beyond ‘supplier’, in which:
  • The people we work with are left acting and behaving in new ways, producing new outcomes and results.
  • We customize our delivery that is centred on the clients’ priorities.
  • We use excellent  models and methodologies, however, we don’t merely teach concepts, we promise business results.
  • We make delivery pragmatic, culturally appropriate and people focused.
  • We inspire a step change in performance and results.
  • We promise our clients a significant return on investment.
Why would you consider using us?
  1. There is a lot at stake, your vision is really challenging, it is worth doing everything to make it happen and that is not your core competency.
  2. You are frustrated with trying to get your people to do what the business needs. You want sustainable change and results that require new actions and behaviours.
  3. You don’t need another consultant around, a real partner would be useful.
  4. The economic conditions are not favourable, yet you wonder why they don’t affect everyone. Your strategy might be questionable.
  5. Business results are not meeting expectations. The organizational culture is eating your strategy for breakfast. The competition is eating your lunch.
Why you would not use us!
  1. You believe that you got your job because the people who hired you think that you already know everything you need to know to get the job done. Hiring a consultant is a concession that you don’t.
  2. You have a concern and you are willing to concede you might benefit from a different perspective. However, you know that it is much safer to hire one of the big firms, not a smaller, lesser known, boutique performance consultant.
  3. Things are not too bad, you are reasonably comfortable, your company has been performing quite well under the circumstances. Consultants like us would wake you up!
  4. Everyone has blind spots.
We Partner With You We partner with  small and medium sized business leaders to create the conditions for people to perform at their best. We challenge entrenched points-of-view and work on shared beliefs and values, organizational purpose, relationships, powerful and effective communication, trust, responsibility and ownership to galvanize people and enable them to work with purpose and meaning. As a company we believe that organizations are the conduit to the world working. We know that at the heart of every successful organization are passionate, dedicated people who care deeply about their work, but also about the impact their organization has in the community. We have supported clients from the executive offices to the front lines, as they transform their leadership and increase productivity, collaboration and engagement. Ultimately, we coach and support organizations to achieve previously unimaginable results. The  team has worked with John King and Dave Logan, two of the authors of 'Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization'. This groundbreaking approach provides a way of looking at workplace culture and gives insight into why people and groups in organizations operate in the way they do. We have elaborated on Tribal Leadership concepts to design practical ways to develop a collaborative work environment including what it takes to be a successful leader in the prevailing culture. John King's comments
To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Bradford,  as an effective solution provider. I have personally interacted with Mike have been particularly impressed with his approach to providing a client centered service offering that works on the hard and the soft side. Seldom does one find a provider that has genuine capability on both side of the business equation, and since that is a rare combination of professional abilities and capabilities, it is good to seriously consider them as ‘partner’ in endeavors that require an approach that addresses both business and organizational issues. I am available for conversations regarding my experience with Mike, and am pleased to recommend him for business consultation and coaching. Radiate Greatness! John King Author/Coach/Consultant

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