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If you’re reading this, then chances are you already know who I am and what I do. But for the benefit of those who are not yet familiar with me, let me introduce myself. I’m Mike Bradford, a Toronto Business Coach. I assist entrepreneurs and businesses in getting from where they are now, to where they envision themselves to be. May it be starting up a business, solving known problems with one, or looking for ways to expand it, I will be with you every step of your way to having the business of your dreams.

You may be one of the many small to medium sized businesses that are feeling the effects of the current global financial crisis, or maybe your company’s doing fine but you’re just not satisfied with its growth. Perhaps you’re having trouble motivating your staff and keeping them productive, or you just can’t seem to get along well with them. Could be you’re a novice entrepreneur trying to start a new business venture, or maybe you’ve just hit an entrepreneurial plateau and need a little help to break through it.

Did I hit the mark? If so, I’m the man for you. I can help you take a step back and get a better view of the bigger picture. Together, we’ll figure out the root of your problems and develop a strategy that is tailored precisely to address your specific needs and guaranteed to get you quick results. Once you decide that I’m a fit for you, I am committing myself to helping you realize your personal and business objectives, and I’m going the distance to make sure you reach your goals.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what one of my previous clients based in Toronto has to say about working with me:

Working with Mike Bradford has helped my business in many ways. After working with Mike for a short time, we were able to reduce our workload by 40% while increasing our revenues by over 100% in less than six months. Mike Bradford worked with our Management Team and helped us focus on getting the best results, in the most important areas of the business. I would recommend Mike Bradford to anyone who would like to add an excellent Consultant to their team and to anyone who could benefit from sound Management and Business advice.

I know that running a business can be hard and frustrating at times and I understand the challenges involved in maintaining and growing one. But you need not face all these obstacles alone, there is someone who can and is willing to help you overcome these hurdles. Let’s talk, call me now for a no risk, free 30-minute business coaching consultation and get started on the road to success today!

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