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Coaching for Business, What Makes It Indispensable

Coaching for business is indispensable, but not all realize this until they are far into a business venture. Going out on a limb is considered courageous in some circles, but at some point, a do-it-yourself business is seen as foolhardy. Let us consider the following scenario to drive home a point.

The main motivation for business varies according to one’s orientation; we can think of two, profit and service. If you go into business mainly for profit, all the plans you make will naturally fall in line according to this main motivation of making a profit. On the other hand, if you go into business with the main motive of providing a unique service, by which you incidentally earn profit, your plan will be lined up to fulfill this main motivation.

Somewhere along the way, something falls short of your expectations, whether the start-up motive is profit, or whether it is service. If your business required high stakes and you happened to throw everything into the business arena, you might as well think of ways of getting off. The picture will be different if you had a business coach or you are subscribed to coaching for business.

Let’s backtrack a little and look at main motivations or main forks in the road: profit and service. If you had a business coach with you at this fork, you will have a checklist of why and why not, what and how. You’ve seen athletes huddling with a coach. They plan, strategise and discuss how to win the game and be their best.  It’s the same idea when working with your own business coach who is focused on your individual needs.  As the coach is not involved in your business, he can give you unemotional perspectives.

We often see this on stores: Service First, Profit Secondary. Your business coach will show you how to apply this slogan to your business. He will let you see why going out on a limb is ill-advised, from all aspects. You may not totally agree with him, but he gives you the opportunity to sound off and decide for yourself, based on a wider range of perceptions. Your business coach will give you a rundown, not only from his own stack of business truths, but also from other experts in the field.

We endorse the benefits of business coaching. Indeed it is a collaborative partnership, offering support, encouragement and a flexible structure so that the entrepreneur achieves more than he would on his own.  Anyone would benefit from a unique, ongoing relationship, focusing on him and his perceptions. The approach is holistic in that it develops the whole person – emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

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