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Working with Mike has been a tremendous experience. With his effective coaching program, our organization productivity rose 30% over 6 months. Our business process became more efficient and structured. Team building workshops were great to strengthen the morale and relationships among 2 senior managers in the organization. Mike assisted in building my confidence as leader by focusing on key traits such as communication and problem solving through exercises and coaching practices. I would definitely recommend Mike’s program to any managers and entrepreneurs in any industry!

John Criminisi - Elite Sweets Brands Inc.

Working with Mike Bradford has helped my business in many ways. After working with Mike for a short time, we were able to reduce our workload by 40% while increasing our revenues by over 100% in less than six months. Mike Bradford worked with our Management Team and helped us focus on getting the best results, in the most important areas of the business. I would recommend Mike Bradford to anyone who would like to add an excellent Consultant to their team and to anyone who could benefit from sound Management and Business advice.

David Chatten - D.C. Paralegal Services

Mike is a very detail oriented person who adds that extra touch with people he is dealing with. I have worked with Mike in many aspects of business, as a client of mine as well as becoming a client of his. In both regards, he is undoubtably a pleasure to work with. He has purpose in everything he says and does and always has a valuable suggestion or method for taking whatever you are doing, in the right direction. I would (and have) recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for guidance and direction with their business, or just to have a very valuable business partner on their team!

Randi Goodman, Redex

Michael is an energetic and positive professional. Truly, a well read, knowledgeable individual who can connect and relate in a way that drives focus. Michael is quickly able to grasp the issues at hand and recommend a positive, reinforcing course of action to enable success.

Ken Kaufman - Commercial Banking

I have had the great pleasure of being a friend and partner of Mike Bradford’s for ten years. His unbridled Enthusiasm, Stick-to-itiveness and Integrity has made our relationship a joy and highly profitable. I look forward to more in the future! April 9, 2010

Isvar Prashad, Principal, Kismit Gear Inc. Holding

Mike is one of the most talented individuals I know when it comes to understanding an individuals challenges and steering them on the road to overcoming obstacles. He is insightful, innovative and a great listener. I have and will continue to recommend Mike to individuals seeking a business coach or assistance to achieve their goals.

Ken Wells - Open Networker

Mike Bradford promotes himself as a business coach, but to a small business owner like me, he’s much, much more. I originally hired him to support my sales and marketing discipline, but in the end he helped me re-engineer my entire strategy. With his guidance I’ve been able to develop exciting new products and services, and add multiple streams of income. He’s held me accountable for all aspects of my business, and pushed me to focus so my blind spots don’t hinder my success. I kind of see him as my on-demand sales, marketing, and strategy department – and he makes himself available when I need him most. Mike is an amazing coach and a great human being who truly cares about me and my business.

Geoff Weinstein

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