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This e-book may change how you do business Click Here. It is a practical resource written for executives, leaders and managers who are looking for new ideas for working more effectively together, getting buy-in, coping with workload, strategy execution, and handling problems—i.e. figuring out the real problems and how to resolve them. It has some great links to supporting material too like TED talks, music and videos. You'll see that the foreword was written by Dave Logan, two time best selling author, Professor at the Marshall School of Business at USC and co-founder of Culturesync.  Here is some of what Dave had said about the ebook:
This book is different in several respects, and worthy of your attention, just as it has proved worthy of mine. First, its aim is decidedly practical.  The result is a book with remarkable clarity. The book is sneaky in that it whispers insights into the reader’s ear as he or she is taking the action steps the authors recommend. The book is fun. The analogies are both provocative and entertaining. The quick shift in perspectives made me think about my own business and life, and trust it will do the same for you.
Click Here now to receive your free copy of Thinking Outside the Bowl: Accelerating Your Business Genius. Let us know what you think. Post your comments on Facebook, linkedin, twitter or email them to me directly. Enjoy!

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