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How to Torpedo Your Business

Torpedoes or stealth missiles are things that destroy a small business and entrepreneurship, and they show up in your business in many ways. From my experience the Number One Torpedo is "Shinny Object Syndrome" I just came back from a well organized business networking event and the first thing I noticed was that that many of the participants I ran into had a new list of 3 - 5 things to work after the event. This work was ranging from a new customer service improvement program, a new cost saving/productivity tool to a new social media focus. We all had just attended a great presentation on customer service and then we went to presentation on social media. You get the picture eh! Lack of focus disciplined focus and time management overload all the different great things we do in our business. While it is important that we continue to educate ourselves these symptoms of life as a small business owner will drive you and your people crazy. So then, the question is: How can you determine if I should add a new project to the things I am committed to in my business? That is the right question and one I will answer in my next blog. The small business owner can't stop education, as we have to stay on top of things. However we drive ourself/others crazy and fail to produce results if we don't go about it the right way. P.S. It was a great presentation on the importance of extraordinary customer service.

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